Thursday, 3 September 2015

Google Docs voice recognition (as written with it)

 So this is kind of my first go with Google Docs  voice recognition system and thought I'll give it a try because I've been reading about it a lot [articularly on Facebook. So I thought it would be a good opportunity to write a probably reasonably low quality blog post. Let's talk a little bit about how voice recognition has been used in the past. so most recently with Google we would probably think of the okay Google search feature that has been included in Android phones since  about version 4. Now as I type this I notice that I am having to go back and correct thae reasonable amount of what I've been talking about  I also find myself speaking more slowly and clearly than I normally would in order to give the speech recognition a   reasonable chance. however in general the accuracy does seem to be reasonably high especially given that I think I have quite a blocked nose at the moment which simply cannot be helping the the accuracy of the recognition or least use of the recognition. Since I have to end my sentences manually using a key word which I am not allowed to use  at the moment it does break up the flow of the diction a little bit.

 it's also pisses the way by Walt and fax using the wrong microphone. I'm sorry.  Apparently my microphone was somewhat too quiet and Google was struggling with it a little bit, not that I can blame them. Now that I have adjusted my volume setting it seems to be picking up things much more readily and is a little more responsive in general. So what can I say about this it seems that all you have to do is some fairly common sense configuration but in the end it actually seems to be doing a fairly remarkable job, so remarkable in fact that I'm not going to stop talking simply because it's quite interesting to watch.  Woohoo. in fact that is not what I just said but I actually attempted to use my falsetto to sing to the voice recognition system and apparently it picked that up as a woohoo which I'm going to take to mean that that it was good because  woohoo.

In general what seems to be a fairly solid voice recognition system although there are some keywords which you can't seem to get around not being able to say and I don't know how you work around that. my recommendation would be that you just try it see how you find it see if it works  well with your setup and you know happy Google doc’ing.

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